Dear Family and Friends,

Today we can tell you in confidence that Gabriella is finally pain free and doesn’t have to suffer anymore. She went peacefully in her sleep this morning just like we had all prayed for. Today we can tell you that she has met her Maker and is dancing and praising God with the angels. God is so good. She lived almost 4 years when the doctors gave her 6-8 months without treatment. She lived to see Kristina and Aleksa graduate, Makaela enter High school and start to drive, Livi enter her teen years, celebrate her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and even see the Cavs win the NBA Championship.
Gabriella planned her funeral months ago, but refused to call it that. She wanted it to be a “Celebration of Life” ceremony. She asked us not to wear black or focus on mourning over her loss, but instead, celebrate how much she was able to accomplish in her life and find joy in the memories we all shared together. We will not deny the deep loss and sorrow we feel with her absence, but knowing we will be reunited again is enough. Seeing her example these last few years and how much of an impact she has made on our lives and other people’s lives has been incredible. We have never doubted God’s plans and still don’t know what they are with her passing or her story, but we trust He has it all figured out.
The Celebration of Life Ceremony will be held in the next coming week(s) and we will send another update when we know what day and time it will be held.
Gabriella did not lose her battle with cancer. Cancer never was going to win, because no matter how the story ended, God prevails. God gave her life after death when He sent His Son all those years ago and gave us all triumph over death. She did however, fight will all of her being, mind, body and soul. She taught us all to never give up and that you can conquer anything you set your mind to. We will miss her smile, how she shook up and down when she laughed, her spontaneity, her compassion, her love for family, friends, and most importantly, God. We look forward to seeing you all at the Celebration of Life ceremony.
Words cannot express our gratitude for how everyone has helped us out over the last 4 years, as we could never repay all of you for your generosity. The meals, transportation for the kids, grass cutting, dog walking, caregiving, time, emotional, and monetary support.
With Love,
The Bogardy Family


We will have the Ceremony of Life celebration at 4:00 p.m. at Grace Church on Pearl Rd. November 5th. There will be a reception immediately after the ceremony at Grace Church.

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