VERY IMPORTANT!!! We ask all those attending Sunday Mass at St. Emeric Church tomorrow, Oct. 23, and parking in front of the Church, the driveway on the north side of the Church, in the small lot around the rectory garage, and along Bridge Avenue to W. 24th Street to PLEASE move your cars immediately at the end of Mass!
Performers for the “Legacy of Freedom” concert, some 50-60 people, will be arriving shortly after 12 p.m. to set-up and rehearse for the 4 p.m. concert. These performers, with their musical instruments, will need the very few parking spaces available around the Church property.
PLEASE NOTE: The Church doors will not open for the concert until 3 p.m. Please do not arrive before 3 p.m. to attend the concert!

Parking for the general public will be available in the open areas of the West Side Market parking lots as market shoppers come and go…you will need to walk down Bridge Ave. to get to the Church.
FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: A FREE trolley shuttle will be available from the Lutheran Hospital parking lot at 1730 W. 25th Street. This trolley will operate from 3 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. shuttling concert goers about every 10 minutes from the hospital parking lot to the FRONT entrance of St. Emeric Church and back. Look for a sign and a Hungarian flag in the hospital parking lot designating the trolley pick-up point.
Because of the Market parking lot construction, we appreciate your understanding of the less than ideal parking situtation at this time, as we gather to honor all those courageous 1956-ers who died, participated in, and lived through those trying times.
Please forward this info to friends and family attending the concert Sunday Thank you all for your cooperation!